Are you ready to Dick the Walls???

December 1'st is our next party!!!  We are ready to "Dick the Walls!  After all, it's def the season to be whorey!!!!  Now both parties are on Friday nights!!  First, and third Friday of each month...  Cum plllaayyy!!  Next party after this will be on December 15th!!  

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About Us

It started with brunch at Mama's Daughters Diner in Dallas. It ended with dinner at Terry Black's BBQ in Dallas. The seven hours in between were filled with stories of laughter, love, loss and life. Stories are a vital part of the human experience.  On this day, like a new thread in the tapestry of life, a new story was started. We were bestowed the CumUnion Dallas Franchise, which had not been in Dallas for 5 years. 

T.X.Entertainment Group is the non-fisting subsidiary of Fist First Productions Inc. In addition to CumUnion Dallas, we also produce the Fornication Party Dallas  by Ray Dalton.

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