Q: Cash or Credit?

A: CumUnion Dallas is a cashless event. Tickets must be purchased online.

Q: What will show on my credit card statement?

A: CumUnion Dallas will show as CU Dallas

CumUnion Express Dallas will show as CUE Dallas

****Suggestion: If you have a concern with this showing on your credit card statement, we suggest getting a prepaid credit card from your local grocery store, pharmacy or big box warehouse to pay for your ticket.****

Q: Can I pay at the door?

A: No. Tickets must be purchased online. We will have people at the door to help you if you need to purchase when you arrive.

Q: Is it a Gear Party? What do I wear?

A: Some guys wear various combinations of gear. The majority wear a jock or bare ass naked. The activity space is dark with black lights and back lit areas, so no one will really see your gear, but they will feel it when you are engaged. Footwear is required at all times.

Q: Should I bring my own Lube?

A: We will have an ample supply of lube, but you are welcum to bring your favorite if you choose.

Q: What do I do with my clothes?

A: We have a secure clothes check that is staffed by our team. Each guest is issued a numbered wrist band with a coordinating security tag, Once your clothes are bagged, you seal the bag with your security tag the attendant will store it away until you return to claim it with your wrist band.

Q: Are Poppers allowed?

A: Yes Poppers are acceptable and will be available for purchase in the vendor market. Illegal drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited at this event.

Q: Is Smoking/Vaping allowed?

A: Smoking/Vaping is strictly prohibited inside the venue. There is a covered smoking/vaping area outside the venue.

Q: I'm a Chub. Am I allowed to attend?

A: First, we are sorry that you even have to ask this question. The Franchise Owners of this event started our company to create spaces for people of all walks of life to be their authentic selves. Neither of us are small boys. Any event we Produce, Franchise and/or Promote will always be Body Positive.

Q: It is a Safe Space for Bators/Solosexuals?

A: Safe Space is all encompassing to us. As long as your activity isn't infringing on someone else's consensual enjoyment, then you are more than welcum at CumUnion Dallas.

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